Keeping With a Volvo Maintenance Schedule is All-Important

At Volvo Cars Monterey, there's a proven opinion the more you adhere to your Volvo maintenance schedule, the better it is for your prized, Volvo luxury model outside Seaside, CA.

And that's why we wish to identify those simple procedures comprising Volvo Genuine Service, conducted on a regular basis.

Your Volvo Maintenance Schedule Explained

Near Palo Alto, it's best practice to ensure your Volvo XC90 has what it needs concerning maintenance. Then, you're helping to extend that proven Volvo value of longevity.

So, for a brief accounting of valuable maintenance services promoting the well-being of your Volvo S90 luxury sedan, browse below the following:

  • Oil changes provide a fresh means of lubricating internal engine parts working under tremendous stress past San Jose.
  • Tire rotations are the only way to mitigate uneven wear patterns across your tire assortment.
  • Brake system inspections will uncover surfacing issues with pads and rotors, and any corrosion known to inhibit caliper operation.
  • Batteries require testing at certain intervals, for confirmation of power and storage capacity.
  • Engine, cabin and air-conditioning filter replacements are essential with every burgeoning season outside Monterey.
  • Fluids for systems of steering, wipers, transmission and brakes may require flushing and exchange, or simple top-offs where required.
  • Headlamps and taillights should be inspected for casing damage and bulb health.

Believe it or not, the above services may all be incorporated in your Volvo Genuine Service oil change.

Conducted every few thousand miles or timed to new seasons, an all-encompassing oil change provides a wealth of benefits.

And with comes the Volvo-certified, multipoint inspection and exterior wash.

Volvo Cars Monterey - Offering the Ease of a Volvo Maintenance Schedule Outside Salinas

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